Hardware services

Global assistance

Altec Tecnologica can offer the widest range of quality services on the market: from infrastructure design to software assistance to on-site assistance management.

On-site activities
  • Hardware and software technical assistance and systems
  • Technical and systemic safeguards
  • Desktop Management
  • I.M.A.C. installation, transfer, software update and hardware replacement services
  • Centralized help desk and at the customer offices
  • “Specialized “how to use”
  • IT Asset inventory activities
  • Customizable services, tailor made for our customers
  • Registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers Category 2 bis, to collect and transport exhausted consumables, toner, waste toner, drums destined for disposal as special waste
  • Support on POS systems, including fiscal stamping and periodic verification of fiscal meters
Laboratory activities
  • Repair of parts, boards, and IT devices with testing
  • Carry in warranty service
  • Refurbishing, reconditioning and replacement of worn parts, functionality tests, testing, packaging, and shipping
  • Customization and updating of IT equipment
  • On-line test with simulation of the customer environment 
  • Staging for the preparation and configuration of PCs, servers, storage, networking devices, rack cabinets etc. 
  • Certified disk wiping service
  • Vaulted room for storing parts, supports and devices for disaster recovery
Logistic services
  • ECR (Efficient Consumer Response)
  • Inventory planning and management
  • Trasportation
  • WareHousing
  • Customized logistics services
  • Vaulted room for storage and management of sensitive equipment

360° Services

On site assistance

System assistance

Help Desk



Pudos throughout Italy

Managed Printer Services

Cloud services

IoT hardware and software

Disaster recovey

Armored room for parts and supports

Technical and systemic deans

Roll Out


Vendor guarantees management

Disk wiping with certification

Electronic board repair

Exhausted material management

Our strengths

Customer Proximity

With quality and competence, thanks to thirty years of experience that allows us to immediately understand specific needs and problems

Certified staff

Certified employees, always ready to intervene throughout the national territory

Wide range of services

Ability to cover a wide range of services: from infrastructure and/or software design to on-site assistance management

Added value

High added value guaranteed by highly trained and updated staff and by the continuous innovation of the proposed solutions

Focus on the customer

Constant focus on customer satisfaction and improvement of service quality

Spare parts stock warranty

Stock guarantee of spare parts to ensure the restoration of the faulty unit in the SLAs requested by the Customer


High professionalism recognized by the market.


Consolidated collaboration with the most important vendors on the market