Who we are

Altec Tecnologica is the newco that combines the excellences of two well-established realities specialized in hardware, systems and infrastructural software assistance services for companies, utilities, PA and PAL.

We are a Global Partner in the advanced ICT services market, a reality that works as a single point of contact for clients, able to satisfy the most complex needs.

All our services are supported by specialized professionals directly employed by the company, located throughout the country, including the islands.

Our staff is certified and constantly updated with customized training plans according to the new needs dictated by the dynamics of the activities carried out for our customers and by the evolution of ICT technologies.

We have extensive physical coverage of all the Italian territory, with 4 operational offices and 13 strategically located territorial headquarters.

The main goal is to provide complete assistance and consultancy for all the problems of hardware and software solutions according to the specific needs of the customer, through the use of proprietary methods and tools, coming from years of experience and the realization of internal R&S programs, we apply prediction techniques to optimize the customer user experience.

Very high level of professionalism, reputation and skills recognized by the market, consolidated by partnerships with the most important international and national corporations and supported by continuously updated certifications.

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Merger of service skills between two well-established realities with a very high level of professionalism recognized by the market, these realities integrate and complement each other, guaranteeing advanced ICT services for the most demanding customers.

Our history

Altec boasts a history of forty years of success in the world of hardware support services. Founded in 1979 as a technical laboratory for the repair of electronic parts, in the 90s it acquired all the technical skills to provide companies On-Site assistance, with a strong focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of interventions and ensuring strict compliance with the timing of problem resolution. In the last few years, Altec has increasingly focused on offering more and more complex and complete Advanced services and has partnerships with the main Multinationals Company in the ICT sector.

Founded in 1984, Tecnologica designs and builds highly innovative ICT infrastructures for the small, medium and large enterprise market, providing high-quality end-to-end consultancy and assistance services. The core business is represented by the design, implementation, management and operation of ICT, On Premise, Hybrid and Cloud infrastructures, with a particular specialization in cluster systems for the installation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, in particular SAP, both virtual and physical, and Managed Printer Services, with a particular specialization in the integration of Software for Documental WorkFlow and Security, in addition to the offer of Cloud Services from both its own and third-party data centers.

In the last few years, Tecnologica has consolidated its R&D division (Software Development and Solutions for Business 4.0) and strengthened the offer of professional services (help desk, specialist technical support, training, spare parts logistics, technical assistance, etc.) to complete its services.

Our strengths

Customer Proximity

With quality and competence, thanks to thirty years of experience that allows us to immediately understand specific needs and problems

Certified staff

Certified employees, always ready to intervene throughout the national territory

Wide range of services

Ability to cover a wide range of services: from infrastructure and/or software design to on-site assistance management

Added value

High added value guaranteed by highly trained and updated staff and by the continuous innovation of the proposed solutions

Focus on the customer

Constant focus on customer satisfaction and improvement of service quality

Spare parts stock warranty

Stock guarantee of spare parts to ensure the restoration of the faulty unit in the SLAs requested by the Customer


High professionalism recognized by the market.


Consolidated collaboration with the most important vendors on the market